Saturday, June 10, 2017

ALIEN RUN 2017 Post 5/8 The Alien Run Raffle

The Alien Run Raffle!
So if I'm going to buy into any raffle it better contain something really cool. Not just stuff I can ordinarily buy online or at some shop. I'm looking for "uniqueness" amongst the average! That's why we encourage artists, craftsmen, and fabricators to toss some skill dust our way and paste glitter up the universe B-hole! Gotta shout out to a few people who made incredible contributions this year, and I hope I don't leave anyone out:
Kyles Kustoms @kyleskustoms82 on the IG who created the most awesome "get probed" tank I think I've ever seen!!!! just WOW!!!!
Zombie Performance who brought us this years Best of Area51 Bike Trophies, His and Her bottle openers (funny) and Point Covers.
Ricky Bongos fabbed up some great Alien green tail light / license plate mounts.
Psycho Resin once again outdid themselves with more alien / area51 unique tail light lenses! Thank you.
Ando_Tattoo out of Bullhead City saw the invitation to artists, and took the time to paint an incredible work of Alien Biker art (hey, if we had more time we would have easily made some shirts with the same designs!!!! next year....)
Danny Luong @danhluo also contributed some neat alien art that our very own Vinnie Vegas WAS able to screen onto shirts. Thanks Danny and Vinnie!
We had a bunch of other great stuff, I'm sure I'm going to forget who donated what? I don't even know who made the "crash" trophy? 
Main Street Moto donated shirts and hats, AlienBuilt (Brent) handed out patch and sticker packs! Douche Larouche had a bunch of support shirts in the raffle.
ohhhh and @WussArmy Kit painted a BILTWELL Gringo helmet too! Thanks Kit and thanks Bill from @Biltwell for keeping Kit supplied with the perfect canvas to slap paint across!!
...and yeah, Lady Hump threw in our screened shirts, patches, books, buttons, and a event shop rag allotment (I love making shop rags for events I support. Gives you something to lose out your back pocket on the way home. jk. Gives you something to hang in the garage!) 

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