Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's time to start a weeks worth of photography from this years ALIEN RUN 2017


We've got a lot of photography to share with you over the next weeks worth of posts from the ALIEN RUN 2017, but first let's go through some of the basics;

In my opinion, this is probably the best example (that exists today) of a large gathering of chopper freaks, alien believers, and "event supporters" working toward the greater good of the event over the promoting of one's own self interests.

What do I mean by that? 
A.) There's no corporate agenda. This event isn't powered by, presented by, or hosted by... any company looking to get a foot inside an untapped marketing opportunity. Aside from a mutual supporting of those directly involved, there's no marketing agenda or product line to push. This event is a cooperative
B.) The people who put this event on, contribute to it, donate, volunteer, BBQ, or otherwise add to the collective do so in the name sake of "fun." (isn't that exactly like A. above? You starting to figure it out hu...?)
C.) This event is not for profit. (Wait. Isn't that exactly like A. and B. above. I think you're catching on...)
D.) This event continues to fill my heart with joy and pleasure. 

Which is why I've "stuck to my ray-guns" and continued to support and contribute to it and the people behind it each year, when I've walked away from so many other "corporate" events that exist merely to turn a profit, push attendance numbers, or marginalize the uniqueness of originality. Events have apparently caught the attention of the suit and tie corporate marketing research teams and become a target, mass produced assembly lined pre-packaged repetitive redundancy to slap a date on and sell a ever-increasing-in-price wristband or entrance membership, to a much much larger audience than ever before. How did the cat get so fat? And it is at this point, I do believe I've had enough... 

Before I get too far deep into pushing the grassroots v. astroturf "MAKE FRIENDS NOT FANS" and "FUCK YOUR CORPORATE SPONSORS" ideology. I'll just move on and let the event speak for itself. 

Regardless, RIDE SAFE. Do what you want to do, go where you want to go. Ride here, ride there, or don't ride at all (drive a chase truck in support). Go camping by yourself, go camping in small groups, go to the underground parties, go to the chopular parties, go to swap meets, go camping in large corporate groups if that's your thing? DIY or Pay To Play. Use you FREEDOM OF CHOICE. And with that being said, let's start...

Brobot No.2 and the felled cottonwood tree provided by the fine folk (salt of the earth) in Rachel Nevada for our little Brobot Bonfire. 

Riders braving the open range of Nevada 

"I Want To Believe"

More like, "I want to be a baked potato." One of the Silver Ride riders who rode out from Southern California, the entire way, in silver suits.

Smoking hot dudes!

What can I say about the Little A'Le'Inn other than THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing us, once again, to invade your town, patronize your business or BYOB. You can bring your own food and drinks or you can purchase them there! Thank you for the FREE CAMPING. Thank you for the AREA51 Mud Slide (pics will be coming this week). Thank you for the largest BROBOT Bonfire ever. Thank you for the hospitality. Thank you for your kindness.

If you're traveling across country and desire points off the beaten path, then you've found it. Easily found on any google map search: LITTLE ALEINN


The Official AREA 51 Mud Slide

Thanks to all the Alien Run Raffle contributors. We'll showcase the uniqueness and craft throughout the week. I'll just say, I'm pretty sure whoever won some of that stuff, I know you had immediate offers to buy it from others there! 

Brent. Can't say enough about the man in the pink hat! You'll want to follow @AlienBuilt on the IG for future event notices.

How did you move wood that big for the bonfire? "Like this..."

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